Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NYC - Most Used Words

When you find yourself in some place else, you will notice things that you're maybe not used to. Things that you have been through or things that you have seen, but not as much as in the foreign place you're in. 

I recently went to New York, White Plains for about 10 days and I often, or pretty much everyday went to the city by train. There's allot of people in the city. like allot. You know those movie scenes where you see like allot of people crossing each other over the pedestrian? Well that's real. I loved it actually. Walking as fast as the New Yorkers is really fun. Not to make fun of anyone, but to be obvious here, I'm not going to slowly walk between them. It's another experience where you mingle in the residents. When the side walk was deserted, I did slow down though.  The cold made me speed up anyway so.

It's easy to get bumped or bump into someone else in the city of New York. It doesn't bother me at all though. What makes the situation much better, is the simple word " sorry". Guys I'm not even joking here. They say that allot and I absolutely love it. It feels good to say sorry to someone, or here it from someone else. When it's not even their fault, they say it anyway! I like it. Of course I always reply  "no problem" or "don't worry about" or " it's okay" back. 

I say sorry  and thank you, because my mom taught me about manners. I was raised like that. It's something that everyone should know about really and most importantly use as well. I am surprised and happy at the same time to have heard so many sorry's and excuse me's  during my stay in NY. I mean there's allot of people there, so I expected to bump into different people with different personalities. People who aren't going to say sorry. I did experience people loosing their temper or being impatient  like that one guy losing control in the train station. But the fact of just being 10 days ( which probably sounds little) in NYC, a place with thousands of people walking, people with different personalities and  hearing words like sorry from the once that bumped into me, or thank you for those who I held the door for...I didn't think it would be that much. I mean it's a big city.. I think It's amazing to be surrounded by people who care about others that they don't even know. Allot of them care more then others, but at least they say something. 

A man pushed his daughter's stroller to hard and it bumped into my foot when I was walking. I walked like 5 seconds more and turned around and he said sorry and I said It's okay, with a huge smile on my face, and he smiled back. After saying those things.. a good feeling follows. It's great, and it makes the chance of me visiting  NY one more time absolutely bigger.

Do you say sorry when you bump into someone or say thank you when someone holds the door for you?


  1. This is so true! I remember going to New York and walking through the crowds and the people were so nice, not like in London where if you bump into someone you get dirty looks, or if someone bumps into you, you still get a dirty look cos you were probably in their way! NY is so much nicer than London! xo

  2. Really? I thought London was the opposite! x

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