Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review- Cambria Suites, White Plains

We chose to stay in Cambria Suites for our trip to New York We were lucky to find such a nice hotel with  such a good price in the holiday season, which is pretty hard to find.
(Bad- Poor- Average- Good- Excellent)

Price - Excellent
We booked online by way of We stayed at Cambria for twelve days which is eleven nights.

Service - Average/Good
There were a few complications.

- To check in a hotel you need a credit card. Two people who were with us had to go pick up someone, so they had the credit card. That means that we couldn't get in our room until they came with it. The woman at the front desk was very strict and also not in a very good mood apparently. We did understand that it's a rule to have a credit card when checking in, but it could have been said and explained in a polite way. 

- The first day we came in, there were four large towels. We called and ask if we could get two more because we were six people in one room. They came fast and delivered the two towels. This situation happened about three or possibly four times. Having to call so many times for something we've already said or asked for was a "here we go again' feeling.

- They forgot to put the "do not disturb" sign that goes on the door knob in our room. An employee who was very kind gave us one. So it wasn't really a big deal. 

These things have happened, although they weren't frustrating but yet not brilliant enough to be good so the service was more between average and good. 

Props to the shuttle man who was very kind to us. The shuttle took us wherever we needed to go, which was great. 

Rooms - Excellent
There were two beds and one sofa bed in the room, which were double beds and so comfortable. Also one bathroom, two TVs, a coffee machine, a microwave, a refrigerator, a large mirror and a desk. Everything in the room was great and easy to use. 

Amenities- Excellent
There was a pool ,  free computer usage, a gym, an ice machine and a laundry room. The only thing we didn't use was the pool, but I did feel the water with my hands and it was lukewarm which was nice.

Overall - Excellent
So overall the employees were kind to us. It was a nice and comfortable stay. The Hotel itself is centrally located. Like Walmart is just across the street, there's Starbucks in that area, a Mall and also restaurants. Basically everything a tourist may need can be found around Cambria Suites.

New year eve's was great. We didn't have to go all the way to Time Square to be able to see the ball drop. We experienced it in White Plains, close  to Cambria. It was definitely another great experience.

Do I recommend it to you?
Yes I do.

Here are a few pictures that I took when we first arrived. Enjoy!

In the hallway 

Walmart & Burlington right across the street)
( Galleria Mall)
Ball drop/ New year's eve

Hotel's Facebook pictures I didn't get to take:
 How our room looked like.
The pool

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