Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New York, Charlotte, Miami - Goodbye

This is the last picture and description post about New York showing you a few pictures I took when I was on my way home on January 3, 2014.

( didn't take pictures on January the second)

At New York on my way to Charlotte

Arrived at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

A picture taken before I landed on Miami

After allot of trying, I did manage to take a picture of our airplane's shadow.

About to take off to Curacao, my home.

See you till next time New York!


  1. Did you land in Miami as well or just stopped there for a day? Miami is beautiful <3

    1. I landed there and stayed at the airport to take another flight. So I didn't have time to go outside :)

  2. Aww wow you got some fab photos Jade!!
    I know it sounds weird but it's crazy to see how different they layout of the land is there compared to Europe. There are so many sections of water inland there!!

    Hope you had a great time.