Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review Naturals Curacao- Shea Bubble Cream

The opportunity to review a Naturals product popped up, so I grabbed it immediately.
 ( This product was given to me by the company. It's an honest review about my very own experience)

At Naturals Curacao, we are focused on providing you all Natural products for your Natural Journey. 100% Natural Hair and Skin products... Embrace your Beauty and Be Natural.

The Shea Bubble Cream contains Raw Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil and vitamin E oil. Can I also say that it smells amazing! Yes, like a bubble gum! ( I actually wanted to eat it, haha!)

The formula is really thick and gets softer when I rub it between my hands before applying it. It definitely feels moisturizing. You have to rub it first to eliminate the tiny Shea butter crumbs if you don't want to do that after you applied it.

I tried this product on my hair (4a), my mom's (3c) hair and my niece's  hair (3a/b) on it's own for one whole week to be able to say what it does.When my mom and I applied it, it felt oily. It does not really control  our frizz. We can see that at our ends and when I have my hair up in a bun, the baby frizz starts coming out during the day. In one of the pictures below you are able to see that you can't really see the difference between the front ( which has the product) and the back section.  I do have to say that It lasts pretty long in my hair. I had this product for three days while only re-applying it in the front where the baby frizz are.

When it comes to my niece's hair, it does control her frizz as she has looser curls than my mom and I.

I do like this product but wouldn't use it on its own. Although in combination with another hair cream, it feels really good and gives my hair an extra touch. With that I mean moisture and definitely shine.

So I would recommend this product, but then for my kind of hair type, I would say to use it along with another hair cream. Like a sweet bubble treat.

In this picture, I have applied the product only in the front section of my hair.

In the picture above I have applied the product all over.


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