Friday, April 10, 2015

Review Naturals Curacao: Flexi Gel & Divine Cream

I'm back with another review!  I tried these two products by Naturals Curacao for one whole week and I'm ready to tell you guys everything you need to know about them.
( These products were given to me by the company. It's an honest review about my very own experience)

At Naturals Curacao, we are focused on providing you all Natural products for your Natural Journey. 100% Natural Hair and Skin products... Embrace your Beauty and Be Natural.

The first product is the Flexi Gel
The consistency is like normal gel but more watery.  It's made with: Golden Fax Seed with EVOO, Caster oil, Avocado oil and Vitamin E oil. Keep in mind that you have to keep this product refrigerated. This really wasn't a problem for me.

When  I applied it in my hair, it feels like applying water but because of the different oils it has in it, it really felt moisturizing. Also it made the whole untangling session allot easier. 

TIP: First part your hair in a few sections and then apply the two products in those small sections separately. That way you can be sure that you covered everything.

The Flexi Gel is made to use with another cream, that's why they gave me the Divine cream as well. They are both moisturizing and made of oils, that's why I didn't have to use much of them. So they last pretty long in my hair and also what's left in the plastic jars. You can see that it lasts, because my hair stayed shiny and I could feel the oil in my hair. To explain how the product feels in my hair, you'll have to think of how baby oil feels on your skin and not how lotion feels on your skin. So that is really the kind of moisture it gives. 

My hair is the 4a type and this product worked pretty well with giving my hair the shine it needs and it tamed  huge part of my frizz although when I comb my hair to the back in a bun, my baby hairs are always coming out. I think that if your hair is around 3a/3b then it will control your baby hair frizz better.

I saw that this product works better when I braid my hair and then open it. Because when it's braid, my hair absorbs a large amount of the product. But when I leave it open, it feels like my hair doesn't get the chance to do so.

I would definitely buy these two products again especially to use them as a treatment in the weekends, and also in week days combined with another cream that will control my baby hairs frizz.
The following pictures will show you how the two products changed my hair:
This picture below is showing you how my hair looks like when it has absolutely nothing in it:

This following picture shows you how my hair looks like after applying the products in my hair for the first time:

The three pictures below will show you how my hair looks with the products after 3 to 4 days, after opening my braids.

Jade x

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  1. That seems to work pretty great! I think my hair is closer to a 3c. I usually only wear it curly for a couple days before straightening it though since I get lazy with the maintenance. I'm looking to try and learn more about products though so I can manage it better and wear it curly for longer.