Thursday, April 23, 2015

Smell of Roses & Vodka Lime

 A chicklit about: love- affair- friendships- travel- writer- ex- New York- Africa

Het Boek Van Finette ( Finette's book) is a book of 272 pages that I found in a secondhand store, written by Sabine van den Eynden & Mariette Ciggaar. It stared at me for months or maybe a year. After saying " I don't have time" like a million times I decided that I should do something about it. So I made time! It was so worth it! I absolutely love this book! Especially because of how many things I could relate to like traveling, journalism and writing. The fact that the protagonist, Finette keeps up with her friends through emails made me think of my friend and I. So that's also a way that I felt related to this book! I have to say that I really indulged myself into this book and it's standing .. with no doubt.. next to another book that is my favorite!

It's about a girl named Finette that has trouble with the idea that her ex is with someone else and also getting married. Also because everything in her life was about the two of them and never only about herself. She wanted to find herself so she decided to leave her hometown the Netherlands to do so. She went to Africa and also to New York to work with the United Nations. She meets nice people and gets into hard relationships. She breaks down and feels like she lost everything but finds her way back in life. One of her friends in the Netherlands even suggested that she should write a book with the millions of emails that she has send to them throughout the months that she has been away. She did it and send her book to a publisher. 

(The blurb on the back of the book is a bit longer but as its in Dutch I thought I could make it a little shorter since I'm translating.)

I wish I could tell you more about it, but I really don't want to spoil it. What I can say is that the relationships she has makes the book so good and also the traveling makes it really exciting. Its really fun to find out the decisions she is going to make and what it leads to after. I really love having the opportunity to picture scenes from a book in my head. When I read the parts about New York, I pictured everything since I have visited a few places there. Even the Netherlands where I actually have never been to. It's a really fun book to read and you can finish it in no time as long as you like books like this. 

I don't think this book can be found in English ( it's not mentioned in the book that it has been translated). If you can read dutch then you have to read this if you like books about love, affair, travel, friendships and more! 

Have you read this book already? And.. what's your opinion?

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