Sunday, June 28, 2015

Is This Worth It?

Sometimes we often do things just because we feel we have to.. just because that person has a condition or is trapped in a situation that makes saying "no" something absolutely horrible.

But there are things that are worthwhile doing. I came across one thing a few days ago ( I often do actually). It's something I want to do. It's a worthwhile thing as it's about giving someone joy. Because  that person is happy.. even the thought of it made that person excited. So why not share a day or maybe more days with a person just because it's good for them. It's okay to think about that person and not yourself for a second. I swear that when I sat down in the car, I couldn't stop smiling.. just the idea made that person thrilled.

It might be an absolute small thing. But it's something. It's such an amazing feeling to be the reason of someone's smile. I Can't wait. A person doesn't have to be sad. A happy person can smile more, you know?

Take this with you: Think of others & help others when you can.. the result may be a smile and it's a huge prize & an amazing feeling, you don't want to miss it.

I can't say much about that person as it's not my place to share anything. The message is what's really important.

A date to remember: June 27, 2015

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  1. I get exactly what you mean. I was a part of a volunteer program dedicated to the disabled a few years ago. The hardest part of the whole program was simply convincing myself to join. Everyone, including myself, was delighted with the outcome. Smiles all around. Great post.

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. I responded to your message on my blog but you're a noreply-comment blogger (as am I >.<) and I couldn't find you on Google+. I'm from Antigua. :)

  2. hello :) i find your posts really inspirational, keep fighting, keep going throught :*
    lots of love from Croatia xx

  3. hahaha thanks for your comment it really made me laugh so hard :)
    im waiting for your new post so keep me updated :)

  4. @katjaliposcak @i_klara
    follow us and send DM :)

  5. What a lovely post - so thoughtful and heartfelt. I couldn't agree with you more, if you have the power to make someone feel good and put a smile on the face.. there should be no hesitation in doing so! :) Have a lovely weekend!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. Jade, you're awesome! I love this post and the lovely message within it. Spreading joy is always a wonderful feeling and it's completely free and infectious! - Tasha

  7. Making someone else feel happy is such a good feeling! Best feeling ever.

    Corinne x

  8. Such a lovely thought - I honestly think making others happy makes me a happier person, I wish I could do it more!

    Hazel xx