Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review- English Girl in New York

Yes I finally am back in the game with reading books. Meaning the book reviews are back!

Author: Scarlet Wilson 
Publisher: Harlequin Books S.A
Publication date: January 7th 2014 by Harlequin
Genre: Romance

Carrie Mckenzie is an English girl who went to New York for work purposes. The opportunity to go to New York came right on time as Carrie wanted to get rid of memories she didn't want to keep. One night she found an abandoned baby on her doorstep, which made all those memories she wanted to stay away from, come rushing back. 
Dan Cooper, a cop living in the building also got involved as Carrie needed help with the baby. Both of them aren't good with babies. so all of it turned out to be a challenge. 

What's the memory that Carrie wants to get rid of?
What's the reason why someone left a precious baby on their doorstep?
Will Dan and Carrie get along?
Does Dan have something to hide?
What happens with the baby in the end?

This is a 256 pages book that has a third-person narrative mode. The main characters are Carrie & Dan. I can't pick a favorite as both of them stood by the baby no matter how hard it was for them due to memories and just not knowing how to properly take care of a baby. Carrie & Dan do go through some ups and downs which makes the book interesting. Opening up to one another is a big part of the book, which especially Carrie struggles with as she didn't feel comfortable sharing sad memories and because she didn't know what reactions she'll get.

I really liked how they showed that there can be a good or a bad side to a happening. So they really showed to not only think of the bad reasons. Think of good ones as well, especially when you don't know the real reason why.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is also something that comes in the book, like the way that Carrie thought of Dan was totally different from how Dan really is and vice versa.

The book is easy to read and you can finish it very fast.
I like the story line. There are parts that are a bit cliche as I kind of knew what will come next, for example how Dan & Carrie will end up. But there are still a few parts that are sad, romantic and parts that you might not expect. All that makes the book not boring at all and still pleasant to read and entertaining.

I did like the book, I honestly enjoyed it. It was a nice read. But it's not the best book that I've read. Although I do recommend it as it's not a bad read. I can't think of a bad thing of this book. It could have been more tense but they focused more on the Romantic element of the book.

Have you read this book? what did you think of it?
Would you read it? Why(not)?

Jade x

(I appreciate feedback on how to improve my reviews. Maybe I missed something?)

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  1. This sounds very cute and like a nice, light read. I just love all different types of stories so I will have to try and check this out - sometimes I love just relaxing with a relaxing, cute, romance story. Love it! Also, with the Bloggers Group Hug posts, how would I join in with them? I keep seeing them on yours and Danielle's blog and wondered if it was open to other bloggers too as I am intrigued! - Tasha