Sunday, August 9, 2015

Phones are NOT Invited!

I can't remember which video I saw but according to allot of people, taking a picture during an event is considered asocial.
I'm saying no to that. Taking a picture takes like seconds and maybe uploading it may take 2 minutes, or even less. While an event lasts for hours. So taking a picture doesn't mean that one isn't enjoying the moment. It's really the opposite. I personally and probably allot of people take pictures to remember the moment.

Asocial is to take your phone out and spend the whole time on it, while being surrounded by other people.. Oh how I hate that. I often try to start a conversation with those people but they don't give their part. So it ends with them going back on their phone. Allot of parties and get-togethers are full of those.. at least the ones that I went to.

Why organize a party if everyone is just so into their phones, following lives of celebrities, while missing out on everything, including their own lives. If you have extremely good friends.. then do. But it's sometimes so not worth it to make an effort organizing something fun while those who are invited won't contribute with even making a conversation. THAT ladies and gentleman is a huge part of why I have never organized a party before or even have proper friends especially lately as people around me, most people my age are different.. meaning the fun that I know is talking, dancing, joking around laughing, games, while their fun is going out, sitting, chatting for five minutes and then back on their phone. 

To be clear.. I love my laptop I love my phone, I love chatting with friends, I love blogging, I love scrolling on twitter, I love twitter chats but I do have limits. I do know when to stop. I do take my phone out when I have to say something to my mom or so but not the whole get together/ party or whatsoever. I already graduated but when I was still in school, I used to spend allot of time in my room studying and when I'm done I search the internet, watch series and read blogs. So my family didn't see me allot. But taking the time to go outside, be with family and having a nice conversation is really nice. 

The invention of laptops, TV's and phones are wonderful and absolutely useful but one should know when to use them as the word and meaning of FAMILY will fall apart and will not exist any longer. People will be extremely focused on those electronics while everything else, lets call them the really things in life will be invisible.  People will no longer be aware or see things coming as they are to focused on their phone or whatnot.


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  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS! Family time is precious to me and I have been to blame for being on my phone sometimes, but when I go on holiday, it's going to be tech-free! xx


  2. yes! Have you ever had a day where your phone is broken or drained and it forces you to not touch it at all? It's so refreshing and lifting to look at the real world. But I agree, taking photos at events is complimentary and it's so nice to have memories to look back on. xxx

  3. So true!! Have you heard Benedict Cumberbatch has come out and asked people to stop fiming him on Broadway?! Live in the moment!! xx

    Holly at xx

  4. YES! I feel awkward when someone does that in a social event. Social events are for real life communication. One could always reply to texts when the event is over. What's so hard?!?