Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cavies- Announcement & Sunny Photo's!


On September 6, 2015 the piggies and I had a fun day out in the sun.
These are a few pictures of that day that we want to  share with you. & of course the big announcement!

Ginsy is a girl -I'm pretty sure- and all grown up now. Memsi is pregnant again, which I tried my best to prevent as she needed a break but it happened as Pepsi used to climb out of his cage. So I did wake up one morning seeing Pepsi in Memsi & Ginsy's space.

I will sure keep you posted on her pregnancy. Her belly is huge! All I can think of is to cuddle with the yet to be born baby cavy :D

Enjoy the pictures!
If you have a post about your guinea pigs then please share them with me! I love guinea pigs :D 

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  1. OMG they are so cute. I love guinea pigs too - they are the best pets!

    Cosette's Beauty Pantry