Saturday, October 17, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: And That's When It Fell Off in My Hand - Scooters, Sukkels en Seksgoden

Author: Louise Rennison
Publisher: J.H. Gottmer. Haarlem
Publication: 2005
Genre:Young-adult fiction

And That's When It Fell Off in My Hand  ( in Dutch: Scooters, Sukkels en Seksgoden) is one of Georgia Nicolson's diaries, the 5th one in fact. I truly wish I could get my hands on the rest of the diaries as it was a fun read. There are so many weird words.. trust me.

Side note:
The book is originally in English but I found the copy in Dutch. If you want to... you can watch the movie that's made based on two of her diaries. Click here to go to part one on YouTube. It's in English.
In this book Georgia's sex-god boyfriend Robbie moved to New-Zealand without Georgia but with her heart. Georgia is pretty much done with boys especially the many dolts that are surrounding her. She's the ultimate ice queen... until she meets the new Italian- American singer Massimo. That's when the pink clouds started to appear. Georgia's love-life started to bloom immediately!
One thing is for sure.. like I said in the beginning. It was a fun read. I love diaries and journals so reading someone else's is pretty fun. The book is simply about what she goes through with her friends and the boys. It's mainly about how she gets the boy she likes, aka Massimo.
There are a few weird words in there but the sentences helped me figure out what they actually mean. So that wasn't a problem at all.
It's a book that definitely made me laugh due to a few things that Georgia said. Because of that and also because I wanted to know what will happen next.. I of course went back to continue reading the book.

I wouldn't use the word love.. neither the word favorite. But I did like the book and I definitely recommend it to those of you who like to read diary types of books and sentences that are written exactly like a teenage girl would say them.
Do you have one of the books of the series? what's your opinion?


  1. Awww, this brings back such good memories! I read these when I was at school and they made me laugh out loud so often that I used to get questions from my Mum about what I was reading and then I'd have to repeat the last few paragraphs to her, they're such good, fluffy, light-hearted and fun reads. - Tasha