Sunday, October 25, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Man In The Picture // Het Venetiaanse Masker

Original title: The Man in the Picture 
Title in Dutch: Het Venetiaanse Masker (= The Venetian Mask)
Author: Susan Hill
Publisher: Sijthoff B.V., Amsterdam
Publication year: 2007
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 126

During a visit at Oliver's former university mentor called Theo Parmitter, he had the chance to listen to a strange, interesting and mysterious story, told by his mentor himself. The story is about the unbelievable history behind the Venetian Painting that hangs in a dark corner of Mr. Parmitter's office. The secrets behind the canvas puts unsuspected and malevolent forces into force.

Het Venetiaanse Masker// The Man In The Picture is a book that drew me back every time I decide to stop reading, due to other daily activities. The desire of knowing more about the  mystery, the secrets and the reasons is a definite bonus. The story on its own is perfect. It's a book that made me wonder allot. Along the way I did find answers but yet some things weren't clearly explained. But due to different perspectives, everything fell into place.

The uni mentor, Mr. Parmitter -- Student Oliver -- Oliver's girlfriend, Anne -- The countess, Lady Hawdon
Mr. Parmitter bought the Venetian painting at an auction.
Lady Hawdon wants the painting for a special reason from Mr. Parmitter, but he won't allow it. He even had the chance to name his own price. Then the painting became a part of Oliver's life which led to some terrible happenings during his time with him & Anne.

The dutch title Het Venetiaanse masker= The Venetian Mask says nothing about The Man in the Picture. Both titles are giving information about the book as it's indeed a Venetian painting. Along with less important people, there's a specific man painted on the painting. That Man is quite important in the story, also the fact that it's a Venetian painting. So Venice is definitely a highlight in the story as well.

Questions that will be answered when you do read the book:
Who's the man in the painting? 
Why Venice? 
Why does Lady Hawdon want the Painting?
How does the painting enter Oliver's life apart from only hearing the story?
And what happens when it does? 


I wish I could say more. But It would be terrible to spoil it all for those of you who want to read it as it's such a GOOD BOOK!

I recommend this book %100. It's now definitely one of my favorites!
Well done Susan Hill!


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