Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Have you walked in my shoes?

I absolutely hate it when people assume that someone doesn't have anything to do or what they're doing can't take as much time as they think it does.
They ask for favors, expect you to be somewhere or think that they can ask something one day before.

Thing is that some people are simply busy whether you see it or not. I'm not even going to explain with what they might be busy as everyone has their own occupations. People out there should respect it even though for them it may sound like you're not busy at all, or what your doing is a small task.

It's hard to do things when you depend on others around you. but you try your best to make it happen when you can as those around you also have things to do as well as things for others including you. It's sad how other people around you just can't seem to appreciate the afford of you trying to make it happen. All they remember is that you said no.

Believe it or not, it's a bit annoying when you have set your mind to do something on one day and someone else just buzzes in with something you have to do. It might be urgent and everything so you will help anyways. But for you, your schedule just got mixed up.

Even thoughts, like work/school tasks you still need to fulfill or whatever things you have on your to-do list also gives one the feeling of busy. So it definitely exhausts you mentally.

Trust me.. allot of people don't get it as longs as their needs are fulfilled. In the end when their stuff is done, your the one stuck with things that you still need to get started with.

It's really hard to explain but the message behind this whole post is to never think that someone's not busy as you've never walked in their shoes.. not even for one day to experience their daily tasks.

Also leaving your things to rest to help others is okay. It's good to help others or  please others once in while. But sometimes saying no is alright.. you can't put your life on hold for too long.


  1. I always struggle with this. I'll set myself a task and then something else will crop up and it's a complete and utter time suck but I am glad I'm not the only one! I love the last little paragraph too, that's so true, it's so important to take time for yourself. You write beautifully Jade! - Tasha

  2. Just came back across to say I tagged you in my 11 Things post if you want to take part Jade :)

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