Friday, March 4, 2016

As If Never Gone

Friday January 8, 2016 is a day to remember

One moment, when my eyes were closed and the wind touched my skin with a degree of pressure, I felt free. I felt like letting go. Short after, the tension reappeared as if it was never gone.

No contrite thoughts, no contrite feelings although only the "hopefully never again" thought.

- Picture below: Shorts & black boots= ME -


  1. Ah I love fairgrounds and rides so this was a joy to read! There is always that sense of picking the wrong ride though isn't there? For me it was the pirate ship back at Chessington World of Adventures I love the pirate ship but this one was so high and with each swing my stomach just jumped back up into my throat! Lovely post as always Jade! - Tasha

  2. So beautifully written! Love the photographs

    Ruby x