Sunday, April 17, 2016

REVIEW- Dermaline, lightening creme

REVIEW- Dermaline, lightening creme

Product Description
Dermaline is a Lightening cream with moisturizing base. It provides a more clear and bright touch to dull and dark skin tones. It's ideal for spots , pimples , blackheads , wrinkles, and freckles.

-Down below: My experience using this product for my spots-

My experience

The smell is soft, it's okay really.
Pros: The nice thing about it is that it leaves the skin with a nice glow that has a silver/white tone to it. If you don't blend it well, another person can clearly see that you have something white on your skin.
Cons ( my opinion): The consistency of this product is very thick. I could feel the thickness as it only stayed on the surface of my skin because my skin couldn't absorb the product. That's why I didn't like how it felt, neither how thick it is. So for me, using a little mount of the product was the best option as then, it felt less heavy on my skin.

When it comes to fading my dark spots, it did not do the work for me. I gave it around one month to work its "magic" I sometimes saw how it made the spots lighter but after cleansing my skin at night to repeat my skincare routine afterwards, that lightness disappeared and my spots stayed as dark as they were before ( I know because I took pictures to keep track of the differences). I even used it on my spotted areas and also literally on the spots. No luck people!

Repurchase? No I won't and it's no longer a part of my skincare routine.

Have you used it before? How do you like it? Have you heard of it?

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  1. Ah I'm sorry to hear this cream didn't work out - it's a shame when the consistency is too thick and feels heavy on your skin, I always try to steer clear of those ones too. I hope you find another one that works - I'm often on the look-out for similar creams to help cleanse and reduce spots so I'm always interested to find good ones! - Tasha