Thursday, April 14, 2016

Skin Crisis

Pimple popping is a thing and I was sadly guilty of it. 
The most annoying part is that I knew its consequences, but I somehow did it anyways and of course regretted it all afterwards. I am happy to say that I don't pop my pimples any longer. I'm so far doing a great job while also trying millions of products to get rid of my spots. I think I found my solution, but when I'm content and sure that it works, I will definitely share my skincare routine with you. 

Other than brow pencils, lipsticks and sometimes eyeliners and mascara, I don't wear makeup on a daily bases. Attending an event once made me run out to buy a few makeup products to hide le spots, which turned out to be a total failure because the foundation and powder that I bought were to dark for my skin. Literally consequences when buying makeup isn't a usual happening in my life. But buying skincare products is something I often do. I will sure give you a little insight into my experiences of the products I tried in my following posts.

With all that being said, I'm not a fan of makeup as I don't like the feel of having foundation, concealer and all the many layers on my skin. A light powder (Image: Black Opal Oil-Absorbing Pressed Powder, 12-Medium Golden Brown), which I have now but occasionally use does work for me.

Stay tuned for a few product reviews! Do you use makeup? What brand do you like to use the most? What's your favorite skincare product and why? What do you use on a daily bases?


  1. Hey! :)
    I used to wear a lot makeup when I was younger because I had some skin issues and it made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Now I'm older and I found a routine for my skin to be quite okay, at least to the point where j don't feel like I need tons of make up on my face to feel good.

    now I'm only wearing a layer of powder on a daily basis (and mascara and brow pencil haha). I only wear foundations for dance performances. and I think changing to only powder also helped my skin get better :)

    xx Mena

  2. I'm the same as you, my make-up routine is very simple though I have been using a lot more concealer as of late so I get that dewy finish for work - I still get the odd spot so like to cover them up but I'm not too worried, either way. I'd love to hear more about your skincare routine! - Tasha