Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review- "She got a finger. She took my whole body."

Title:"Ze kreeg een vinger. Ze pakte mijn hele lijf."
Author: Sjoerd de Jong
Publication date: November 2011
Edition Language: Dutch
Pages: 186
Genres: Non-fiction
a non-spoiler review

This book is about how living with a person who has borderline is like by explaining hard, painful and beautiful moments and thoughts throughout 7 years and is mainly set in the Netherlands.
My thoughts
"Ze kreeg een vinger. Ze pakte mijn hele lijf." is a book written like a diary. That's what it felt like. A diary without exact dates and such. It is purely everything that had happened in Sjoerd's life, what he thought about those happenings, and sometimes what he thinks now. For example, by saying " I didn't know that then". It also felt like a diary because he sometimes repeats certain feelings, although written differently. I think that he had those feelings for so long and thought about it so many times that it even showed in the writing. It's interesting to read his actual thoughts.

It's not beautifully written, but it was interesting to me because I wanted to know the answer to "what's it like to live with someone who has borderline?". I'm happy that I didn't read the back cover right before reading it, but only before buying it. So when I started the book I couldn't remember what I've read on the back cover. I think the questions written on the cover does give it slightly away because the reader will know what to expect but just not in full details. To clarify, I mean questions like "when do you realize that you forgot to be yourself?" and "When can you, as a partner, make your own choices or have you got that freedom but just don't dare?" or a part of a sentence that says "get sucked into this life without knowing that you are losing yourself". A lot more happened than what the questions reveal but it still takes a bit of the curiosity of a reader away, I find.

With all that being said, I give this book 3 out 5 stars. I find it an interesting book and I didn't get tired of it. It did have grammar mistakes and it didn't stick to my mind. It was an okay read for the moment but nothing spectacular. Although I did enjoy reading the author's thoughts and experiences. Also, because it's non-fiction and written from a male's perspective, I really got to read a man's inner thoughts, like what they "sound" like.

Do you read books in Dutch? Have you read this one? What are your thoughts? Does it interest you?


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