Friday, May 20, 2016

The Others

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The Others is a 2001 Spanish-American supernatural gothic horror film with elements of a psychological horror film. It's about a religious woman (Nicole Kidman) with two sunlight-sensitive children believes ghosts inhabit her darkened island mansion (-wiki). AND IT'S A MOVIE THAT YOU MUST WATCH (without reading the plot)! You have to go into it completely blind!

I'm thanking my dear mother who told me about this film!
This is a 100% non-spoiler review

This film, now probably my favorite film, has a twist that you won't expect! It's original, It's not boring AT ALL. It kept my attention from start to finish! Even when I finished watching it I kept thinking about it the next day and the next day and the next day! I'm so not exaggerating.

The best thing about this movie is that it's thrilling ( the kind of thrilling that I could resist). I love the vibe, the house and the characters in this movie. My favorite part is the moment of the twist! I have teary eyes right now just because of the emotions that I'm feeling again, just by thinking about it! The twist is major and amazing! When I finished watching it, I had to process everything. I sat down on my bed, I allowed everything to sink in and just put all the puzzle pieces together. Everything that they went true meaning the mom and the kids, and what they meant to "the others" is mind blowing. You'll know who "the others" are when you watched the film.

I can't say more, because other wise I will spoil it. Just GO ( without reading any reviews and no plots)... Right now... AND WATCH IT. And then return to my post and let's chat about it because I cannot wait to hear your thoughts! Don't read the comments just in case there are spoilers. Leave your thoughts below if you have watched it already :D!

PS: It's so good I could scream ad cry at the same time!

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  1. Yes, definitely agree here Jade, a really good thriller and you definitely have to go into this one blind, otherwise it spoils it! Great review. - Tasha