Monday, May 23, 2016

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith

Title: The Salt of Price(book) - Carol(film)
Author: Patricia Highsmith
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc - This is an unabridged reprint of the edition originally published by Coward-McCann,Inc New York, in 1952
Publication date: 2015
Edition Language: English
Pages: 249
Genres: Fiction/Lesbian- Romance
a non-spoiler review

Book back cover synopsis- A chance encounter between two lonely women leads to a passionate romance in this lesbian cult classic. Therese, a struggling young sales clerk, and Carol, a homemaker in the midst of a bitter divorce, abandon their oppressive daily routines for the freedom of the open road, where their love can blossom. But their newly discovered bliss is shattered when Carol is forced to choose between her child and her lover.

Instead of writing paragraphs explaining my thoughts. I will instead write two lists. This book was sadly not my cup of tea :( I really thought it would be:

  • The characters were a bit boring.
  • There was no twist, no adventure... nothing that made me say "wow". Exactly everything in the synopsis on the back cover is written in the book but just more detailed.
  • The synopsis says that Carol and Therese abandon their daily routines so their love can blossom. I find that there was no blossom. I also find that Carol treats Therese like crap. I didn't feel any love coming from her and she speaks so abruptly towards Therese. In the book, Therese is like a girl following Carol around.
I do have to say that there are parts that are beautifully written. Here are a few quotes I liked:
  • "A world was born around her, like a bright forest with a million shimmering leaves" -page 59
  • "Somethings don't react but everything's alive" -page 104
  • "There were sparks of sun in the moist hedge leaves, and the sky was fresh solid and blue" -page 137
  • Was life, were human relations like this always, Therese wondered. Never solid ground underfoot. Always gravel, a little yielding, noisy so the whole world could hear, so one always listened, too, for the loud, harsh step of the intruder's foot" -page 142

This could've been such a great book & film but it just missed something. I read The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith as well and I loved it. I thought I might love this one too. 2 out of 5 stars :/ What are your thoughts?

I still think that Patricia Highsmith is a great writer! I mean, look at The Talented Mr. Ripley! It's such a brilliant book that I simply couldn't put down. I guess this one was just not my kind of book but it might be yours:)

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