Sunday, June 26, 2016

Book Review- Soulful Transitions by Lorena Munoz

Title: Soulful Transitions
Author: Lorena Munoz
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication date: January 29th 2016 
Edition Language: English
Pages: 102 pages
Genres: Poetry-inspirational-religious

Includes: Interview answers by Lorena Munoz

This book was brought to my attention in an email and I had the option to request this book, which I did and received it afterwards in the mail from the author for an honest review in return. Thank you Lorena!

Back cover synopsis:Soulful Transitions is a collection of poems that chronicles one woman's pilgrimage from pain and heartache to healing. Each expressive poem offers a glimpse into a soul struggling with various life lessons, and each is dated to document the evolution of growth and recovery. Full of faith and hope, Soulful Transitions offers reassurance that we, too, can survive the dark nights of our soul-and face the morning light stronger and wiser.


Take a moment to admire the cover!!!!

"Poetry is freedom"- Lorena
I really felt that the poems were written from the heart. The poems were titled with dates so I think that they were written daily. Each day there's something, a struggle, pain, healing or a lesson and in the end, the last poem really shows/ the last poem made me feel the actual growth and recovery after every painful feeling/experience that I read about throughout the former poems in the book.

"Heartbreak was definitely the main theme. Closely followed by facing and acknowledging self, strengthening my faith, motherhood, and love. It ignited words I had placed on hold. I did not write for years prior to the changes that followed"- Lorena Munoz

"The sole purpose of my book was to show my son a tangible goal despite facing a hardship. Heartbreak is just one of many emotions we can endure as humans. I have faced a lot in my time here. And whatever degree of misfortune one feels they endure, keep the movement forward. Hope and faith is supreme"- Lorena Munoz

I find that I didn't understand a few of them which means that some of them did not speak to me. It was like I understand either the beginning, somewhat the middle or the end of the poems. It's as if I lose her. A lot of the poems have this twist in the ending that I can't quite follow. But regardless of that twist, I still could see and kind of feel where she's going and what she's trying to say.
"I felt unheard and unacknowledged and inferior at times. The words poured out of me without an audience. Once I realized the words were not ceasing, I decided to compile them and do the unthinkable (at the time), publish them. I went back and forth with exposing my teenage angst/work versus the rebirth of my voice. I decided the older work did not portray what I wanted to expose. So, it seems I just started writing but there was a purpose for the titles to begin in 2013"- Lorena Munoz

I like it, It was interesting and I liked how deep the poems are. It's a bummer I couldn't follow some but at the same time there are many that really spoke to me. You can read a few down below. I wanted to share more, but my favorites are to many to fit. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.
"My emotions have always presented themselves this way. As a 16 year old girl struggling with several factors I had no control over, poetry was my voice. I do not force the lines. This is truly how in my brain a story unfolds. A narration with honesty. Some poems are lengthy and some are short. Wherever my thought stops, the poem ends"- Lorena Munoz

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