Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BROOKLYN - Book & Film Review

Title: Brooklyn
Author: Colm Toibin 
Publisher: Scribner
Publication date: September 8, 2015
Edition Language: English
Pages: 288
Genres: Fiction/Novel/Romance/Travel
a non-spoiler review

Goodreads: Eilis Lacey has come of age in small-town Ireland in the hard years following World War Two. When an Irish priest from Brooklyn offers to sponsor Eilis in America, she decides she must go, leaving her fragile mother and her charismatic sister behind. Eilis finds work in a department store on Fulton Street, and when she least expects it, finds love. Tony, who loves the Dodgers and his big Italian family, slowly wins her over with patient charm. But just as Eilis begins to fall in love, devastating news from Ireland threatens the promise of her future.

I picked this book up because of its title and cover and the fact that the protagonist is going to Brooklyn. I mean, I love New York so I just had to. It was a very calm and nice read with beautiful written sentences and descriptions of the different places. In the beginning I find that there were to many descriptions of little importance (only at the beginning). Lets just say, the descriptions were a bit in the way of me getting to the actual stuff. But that situation changed and I enjoyed every single word when the Brooklyn related scenes came in the picture. I think the time that the story is set in and how I imagined/pictured every single description truly kept me reading. I just love the 20th century.

The book is written in a he/she perspective and has a limited narrator. Meaning the narrator informs the reader about everything  that Eilis knows, feels and thinks. It was interesting to read about her feelings and thoughts related to her moving to Brooklyn. I had that plan once, to study abroad which I no longer have due to change of plans... so I never got to experience anything of that kind. That is why I was interested in how she felt.

I think this book is nicely written and as I said before, there are many beautifully written descriptions in it that made me wonder about how everything looks like. Some were definitely heart warming to me. I think the idea behind this book is to see how she handles moving to Brooklyn and all the obstacles that she had to face as well as having a life in both Ireland and New York  Eilis definitely changed throughout the book. Lets say she turned into a woman.

The book has a few unpredictable events that truly kept me reading. They are not unique events but they are still happenings that I did not expect at all and things that made Eilis get more feelings, more thoughts and more decisions to make. There's also a bit of romance in the book, I believe around the second half of it. I liked the romantic scenes as they were very well written.

Compared to the Film
I loved the romance aspect more in the book than in the film. I feel like the scenes in the film happened so quickly... It's as if the film had no depth at all. Maybe a little but not as well as the book. They didn't use all the scenes of the book in the film so to me if felt incomplete. It felt as if I'm missing the true feelings and thoughts of Eilis, which were truly well described in the book. I did like the ending of both the book and the film. The film showed more of the ending than the book did. With all this being said I did like the book better. 

To complete my review, I give Brooklyn 4 out of 5 stars! It was definitely a heartwarming story with emotional scenes that personally gave me a look into the life and soul of someone who left home.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts? Would you read this book?


  1. This is another one which is firmly on my list as the trailer for the film caught my eye and as soon as I found out ti was a book though, "Right, I need to read the book first for once!". Loved your review, especially when you mentioned that the romantic elements were more obvious in the book as I love a romantic story line. Will be picking this up as soon as I can. - Tasha

  2. I loved this movie! It even stole some tears from me. I haven't read the book, though, but it's something I really should consider. By the way, I'm really loving your blog and your instagram feed! :)

    xx, Helena

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