Saturday, June 4, 2016

Explanation Kills Art

The feelings that arises by wondering about a photo or painting ( & other kinds of art) makes seeing an artwork a deep and thoughtful moment.
When there's no explanation, your thoughts become a part of an artwork. You give a little of yourself to complete the art. You are completing the image in its total, meaning what you literally see, what you make of it in your mind and what you emotionally feel towards a certain artwork.

I believe what you make of what you see, is art. You are creating your own master piece, which sometimes can be how people get inspired. Meaning thinking about the thoughts, experiences and feelings that an artist might have had as the origin of the existing artwork. You'll either bring it to life or allowing the displaying art piece to have it.  Bringing it to life is not "copying". You don't get an explanation so you make your own and actually create it the way that you personally would present it. 

Art is self-explanatory, even when people interpret things quite differently from one another, when looking at the same artwork. But when the piece is already explained, the artwork can still be different, unique and it can still impress those that feel like the artwork speaks to them. It's still an amazing moment to see how the artist brought a feeling, experience or thought to life.

Does it speak to you? If so, you are already making something of it and wondering about its deep meanings. You also might feel a connection but can't quite point your finger at it yet. When it's explained to you, that's when the connection is complete, it will feel like everything clicks. If it doesn't, you wouldn't be thinking about the possible messages behind the artwork let alone to listen to the explanation. Even if you do listen, the connection might not come around, because it simply doesn't speak to you.

What are your thoughts when it comes to "explanation kills art"?

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  1. Beautifully written and so true too - art has such a deep and profound effect on us that it has to come from what we feel inside, in our heart. - Tasha