Thursday, October 27, 2016

Movie Talk- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Movies and books are wonderful, as they transport you into a whole other world. You get to see it or you get to imagine your own images with the help of words written by another. I love and enjoy that, especially when watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, a crime and drama movie. No spoilers!

The Grand Budapest Hotel gave me the feeling of the old days, the cold weather but yet warmth inside the beautiful spaces and a sense of sweetness, loneliness, love and friendship. They are all brought forward in a special way that makes the whole experience seem like an actual experience.

Without giving everything away, it starts with a man who wants to show you everything, every incident, just as they were described to him in 1985. He says in the beginning that they are incidents that writers dream of, out of thin air. “These stories continue to seek you out over your lifetime, as long as you continue to look and to carefully listen”.

When Mr. Zero Moustafa came in the hotel, he got noticed by the man, the writer in 1968. He saw sadness and loneliness in Mr. Moustafa, but yet found that he’s a mystery man with an intelligent face. He always visits the hotel and gets the simplest room with one single bed, but yet he (Mr. Moustafa) is the owner.

One thing led to another, Mr. Moustafa and the writer agreed to meet later that evening as the writer asked how he came to buy the hotel. Zero Moustafa answered with a simple “I didn’t”. But of course there are more, so much more details and events attached to that simple answer, which you have to know about. Therefor you need to watch the movie.

How did Mr. Moustafa get the beautiful Grand Budapest Hotel in his possession? This story will lead you back to 1932, when The Grand Budapest Hotel was busy with lots of guests, butlers, bakers, lobby boys and when Zero was just a boy, a lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

"When you find yourself in a place like this you must never be a candy-ass. You have to prove yourself from day one, you've got to earn your respect".
"Never be jealous in this life not even for an instant"

One thing is for sure, you will enjoy this movie and I recommend it 100%. It's a movie that I can watch a million times and won't get bored of! Have you read it before? What's your opinion? Did you enjoy it?

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